Report of day 1 - 2018

Barend de Lange wrote down a wrap up of the first diving day:
Day1: let’s get started!
First day of the project! We start at Krnicadive Center with a briefing on both the goals of the project and the safety procedures. Jeroen explains these years’ goals:
- Placing the memorial plate to remember the 100 years of sinking of the Rossarol.
- Scouting the wreck
- Check the deterioration process of it (baselining)
- Removing useless (fishing/exploration) lines
- Have fun and safe diving.
Peter explained the procedures with the both TecLine buoy we got provided. We have red and yellow; red for drift deco and yellow for problems. When a yellow buoy is surfacing the boat will drop oxygen and more if asked. All team members got these buoys! A good safety procedure.
After the briefing, teams and goals are set, decoplans are written down and a load of stuff moved to the boat and of we go!
At the wreck site everybody quickly enters the water and the team that I am in it starts scouting the stern region. First 10-15 minutes on the deck with beautiful detailed cannons, the propellers and we worked to the place were the wreck is broken.
From this position we moved away from the wreck into the field of historically interesting objects. Beside pipes and plates and torpedoes, also an anchor a part from the compass and lot of other parts from the Rossarol are visible, lots of details too much to see
We followed the line and removed old and unused lines from the recent past and previous projects. After this was done we ended after 55 minutes at the stern and again and first goals are completed.
Deco went safe, we did 90 minutes of deco (50% and 100%) and with some help of Krinca diving-crew, by taking the bottles back on board, I am looking back to a fantastic dive!
In the harbour we did our debriefing (what went well, what do we have to do better next time), we put the bottles in the center for filling and got something to eat!
More diving tomorrow and more goals to fulfil. Meaning more time on this interesting wreck. Thanks to the team and buddy’s Peter and Jeroen for this nice first day!

Barend de Lange

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