2018 Project

Results and deliverables 

Delivered 2014, focus on the stern wreck part:

  • Raw sketches of the stern part
  • Compass orientation
  • Moved the shotline to a less harmless place for the wreck
  • Dimensions of the stern part
  • Primary survey line into the debris field
  • First survey of the line
  • Photography of the stern part
  • Desk research about the history of the wreck
  • Project video “Project Rossarol 2014”

 Delivered 2016, focus on the bow wreck part:

  • Raw sketches of the bow part
  • Dimensions of the bow part
  • Mapping of missing hull plates
  • Extended the survey line from the stern and connected it to the bow
  • More desk research about the history of the wreck and search for historical material (photo)
  • Photography of the bow part
  • Determined missing length of the wreck
  • Project video “GUE Project Rossarol 2016”
Goals and deliverables 2018, focus on memorial, clean-up, missing details.

During project week:

  • Check the survey of the full line in the debris field between stern and bow connection
  • Aiming on identifying bigger elements in the debris field. (For example; one part is identified as cover from the engine room including hatches.)
  • Complete a general outline sketch of the complete wreck field.
  • (Place memorial plate)
  • Shoot missing photo and video material for realization of the 3D model. (Elements tbd before start of the project)
  • Check general current state
  • Create environmental awareness for the wreck, presentation about the project and history of the wreck for the local community
  • Wrap-up and organize collected information.
 After the project week:
  • Edit final Project video 2018
  • Creating awareness by publishing the report online and give random presentation. Presentation of the project report.

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