2016 Project

After the successful project week in 2014, where divers from 4 different European countries participated to reveal the secrets of the Cesare Rossarol, it became clear that “GUE Project Rossarol 2014” needed continuation. We all noted that the wreck field of the ship needBow hull platesed more time to map and to investigate.
So soon after the project ended, the name of the project changed into “GUE Project Rossarol” without the dedication of a particular year. Project Rossarol 2016 was mainly dedicated with work on the bow section.

Goals for the 2016 project

After evaluating all results we wrote down some points wich where still open, or not taken precise enough. So we also dived the stern again to collect or do whatever we had to do.
- Detailed sketch of the stern section. -> Bring more details.
- Move the shotline from the cannon to another place. We managed to move it in 2014, but unfortunately other divers moved it back to the cannon.
- More photo and video documentation.

Bow sketch
- Accurate size and depth measurement of the bow section.
- Detailed sketch of the bow section. What is the status of deterioration of the bow; how many hull plates have fallen of, and where are they fallen of?
- Compass orientation of the wreck part.
- Photo and video documentation. The length of the stern and bow section will determine the size of the missing middle section.
Debris field:
- Connect bow and stern part with line.
- Survey the connecting line, general compass heading between the bow and stern.
- Search in the debris field for parts and connect with line. (Jumps)- Map / Survey the lines in the debris area.
- Photo and video documentation.
Unfortunatley we had some bad conditions around the wreck that week, limiting our efficiency and results on photo and video material.
Team: Peter Zaal​, Berry van Leeuwen​, Josef Chroust​, Michael Batey​, Eunwoo Kim​, Jeroen Veltrop​, Igor Siryk​, Felix St.Jean, Lucca Palezza

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