2014 Project

Goal of the project
During the 2014 edition of the project we focussed mainly on the stern section of the wreck. During the project we need Peter Sketchingto connect the two main structures of the wreck with cave lines. From this main line it should be possible to locate and get a general overview of all the debris parts in between the bow and stern. All lines are to be surveyed and subsequently all brought together in one big situation sketch of the complete wreck field. Supplementary photos and video should be taken to confirm and identify all parts of the wreck.All photos will also document the current state of the wreck. With this base it should be possible to monitor the condition of the wreck and other parts in the future. There are no preferences on objects to identify. We have to set a solid base ground and then every next dive in the future done on the wreck can add something to project Rossarol. It’s all about documentation, conservation and preservation.

Results of the project
This year we have made a solid base which can be expanded more easily during next editions. The complexity of the wreck field and the amount of details forced us to work at the stern section. We managed to bring some line into the debis field and surveyed it. Also, we managed to get a pretty good view of the cut off and collected overall meassurments of the stern section. We need more time and another project to get all the info from the bow section.

Rossarol broken stern partSketch stern topStern3D Pepe

All this with the fantastic logistic help from Krnicadive. Thank you Maurizio Grbac, Žarko Krelja and Tony Rajković for all your energy! We also would like to thank Santi Diving for providing a nice Team T-Shirt. Last but not least we want to show 3 shots of one our showpieces of the week; the removed shotline from the cannon! All this would not have been accomplished without the stars of the show: Alex R. Thomassen, Bas Bruinsma, Berry van Leeuwen, Edward Smith, Jeffrey Woltering, Josef Chroust, Peter Zaal, René Lipmann, Sander Evering and Jeroen Veltrop

projectteam 2014

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